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Standard Blocks vs Zero Blocks in Website Builders: What to Choose?

Standard Blocks vs Zero Blocks in Website Builders: What to Choose?

When creating a website using builders like Tilda, Wix, or Squarespace, users often face the choice between using standard blocks and zero blocks (or their equivalents in other platforms). This choice can significantly affect the design, functionality, and uniqueness of your site. In this article, we will examine the main differences between standard and zero blocks to help you make an informed decision.

What are Standard Blocks?

Standard blocks are pre-designed elements of design and functionality offered by website builders. They include ready-made solutions for placing text, images, buttons, feedback forms, and other commonly used components. Using standard blocks allows for quick and easy website creation without requiring deep knowledge in web design or programming.

What are Zero Blocks?

Zero blocks (or blocks from scratch) in Tilda and similar tools in other platforms provide users with complete freedom in creating a unique design. They allow you to bring any design ideas to life, positioning elements exactly how you want and customizing their appearance and behavior without the limitations set by a template.

Main Differences

Accessibility and Ease of Use: Standard blocks are ideal for beginners and those who want to quickly launch a site without delving into design details. Zero blocks require more time and a creative approach but offer incomparably more opportunities for implementing unique projects.
Design Uniqueness: Standard blocks may limit your creativity to standard solutions, whereas zero blocks open up limitless possibilities for creating a unique and memorable design.
Development Speed: Websites on standard blocks are usually created faster since they don't require detailed customization of each element. Working with zero blocks takes more time, but the result can be more professional and personalized.
Optimization and Performance: Standard blocks are optimized by the platform's developers to ensure good performance and loading speed. When working with zero blocks, it's important to independently monitor optimization to ensure the site loads quickly and displays correctly on different devices.


The choice between standard and zero blocks depends on your goals, level of preparation, and the time you are willing to dedicate to creating a site. If you need a site quickly and without spending much time on design, standard blocks are your choice. However, if you aim for uniqueness and are ready to spend time on fine-tuning each element, zero blocks will provide you with all the necessary tools to realize your creative vision.